NEW! marketing promotion gift

Individualised 3-ply face mask package for your clients!

  •          Cases with an inserted disposable mask are the complete package for perfect customer loyalty.
  •          The case is printed according to your specifications and equipped with a high quality disposable mask.
  •          Ideal as a customer gift, campaign or voucher that can be redeemed the next time you shop.
  •          Fits in every pocket and can be taken anywhere.
  •          Clean - practical - fast!
  •          A real added value and generous present for positive corporate communication with your clients.

  •          Format: 105 mm x 65 mm (folded)
  •          Material: cardboard 350 g/m2
  •          Printing: 4/0
  •          Pre-assembled with disposable 3-ply face mask*
    *Masks are hygiene articles and cannot be exchangedx; non-medical product.

               Delivery time:
  •          10-15 working days
  •          free delivery to Austria and Germany

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