NEW! transparent hygiene mask

strengthen customer trust with a professional and hygienic look

light and comfortable to wear

           Product specifications:
  •          anti fog 
  •          dimensions: 170 x 102mm (62mm transparent shield); weight: 8g
  •          packaging unit: 10 pieces per box, 200 pieces per box (dimensions: 58 x 33 x 37cm)
  •          washable and reusable
  •          high comfort due to light weight
  •          ear loops adjustable in size
  •          comfortable adjustment on the chin, no pressure
  •          comfortable speaking

           Areas of application:
           For all service, consulting and production areas where hygiene is required.
  •          gastronomy and food industry
  •          retail shops
  •          hairdresser, cosmetic salons
  •          service companies
  •          fairs
  •          sales and advice talks etc.

  •          saliva and secretions are collected
  •          high comfort due to light weight
  •          good face visibility for the customer
  •          clear view for the wearer
  •          ergonomic and fashionable design
  •          unrestricted breathing and communication
  •          improve hygiene standard creates customer trust
  •          avoids fear and represents a high hygienic and visual level
  •          novelty on the Austrian / European market

delivery time 10-15 working days

inquiries and orders per mail to